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Specialist Concrete & Grout

Formulation & Mixing

Hoben International has over 25 years experience in developing formulations & contract manufacturing of specialist high performance cementitious and non-cementitious dry blends

Hoben has extensive experience in controlling and blending materials with particle sizes from 10 microns to 25 mm in size, often with unusual, demanding, technical specification and performance requirements.

Hoben has a vast experience of formulating product specific add-mixes, as well as utilising COTS (Commercially Off The Shelf) solutions to control water demand, self compacting ability, modify viscosity and fluidity, all of which can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Hoben's geographical location in the heart of England enables easy access to the UK's motorway network and also local access to key ingredients such as Silica Sands, Limestone and Cement all of which are available within a 20 mile radius.

Examples of products types that Hoben International can formulate and/or contract manufacture are:

  • Self Compacting Concretes
  • High Density Concrete for Radiation Shielding Applications
  • Rapid Setting Concretes
  • Lightweight Concretes and Mortars
  • Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Concrete used for Pre cast Lintels.
  • Underwater Grouts
  • Self Levelling Floor Screeds
  • Fire Proof Penetration Mortars (CE, UL, FM, BS Certified)
  • Elastomeric Expansion Joint Mortars
  • Tanking Powders
  • Specialist Plasters for the Construction Industry
  • Precision Casting Plasters

Concrete Moulds

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