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Silvaperl's exfoliated vermiculite and expanded perlite are absorbents and carriers. Each of these unique minerals have their own characteristics which complement each other in various aspects. Both are lightweight, non combustible and whilst insoluble in water, oils, organic solvents generally and most acids, they will take up many times their own weight of various liquids and yet remain free flowing making them ideal materials for many applications.


Expanded perlite is an ideal medium used to control and clean up liquid spills, it may also be used to provide rapid deodorisation and dehydration of animal waste liquids and as an adsobent media in enclosed containers for the disposal of liquid toxic waste substances. Perlite is recommended as a carrier for pesticides, herbicides, feed concentrates and other similar applications. It will readily adsorb concentrates while remaining free flowing (anti-caking) and chemically resistant to microbiological degradation.


Perlite is a generic term for a naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock. This is quarried, crushed and screened into closely graded fractions having a specific range of particle size to suit various applications.


The expansion of Perlite is produced by the raw grade ore being fed through a furnace at an elevated temperature. The melting particles cause the water in the structure to rapidly turn to steam thereby creating countless tiny air bubbles within the heat-softened glassy granules. It is these tiny glassy sealed bubbles which create the cellular structure of the ultra lightweight expanded perlite.


The adsorption and removal of:

A carrier of anti-caking agent for:


It is the multicellular nature and high surface area of expanded perlite which accounts for the excellent adsorption properties. This plus the ability of the product to create a low slip surface gives it an advantage over any other products available.


Water adsorption capacity of expended Perlite is as follows:

Particle Size 0.01 - 0.75 mm 0.15 - 2.0 mm 0.15 - 6.0 mm 1.0 - 6.0 mm
Water Uptake (kg/m³) 880 - 900 630 - 650 470 - 490 380 - 400

Stability & Reactivity

Material to avoid is quoted as being acids. It has been shown that prolonged contact with acids, particularly at elevated temperatures, does affect expanded perlite and direct contact with ammonium bifluoride and hydrofluric acids must be avoided so this statement is technically correct. However, for many years Perlite has been used without problem as an absorbent carrier for sucking up a wide range of dilute acids and other hazardous chemicals.

Prices and Condition of Sale

Prices will be quoted on request on a volumetric basis, ex works plus haulage. All quotations given, orders placed and materials supplied are subject to our standard conditions of trading, a copy of which is available on request. Packaging Perlite is normally packed in heavy duty non-returnable plastic bags holding an average 100 litres when packed. Alternative packaging is available to special order.