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Lightweight Tile Adhesive

Perlite can be used as an alternative to heavier aggregates and fillers when making up tile mortars and adhesives in order to reduce the dead load on structural members.


Name Particle Size Density Use
Perlite P05 Ultrafine 0.01 - 1.00 mm 160 - 250 kg/m³ Grouting
Perlite P10 Superfine 0.15 - 2.00 mm 60 - 90 kg/m³ Tile adhesives
Perlite P15 Medium 0.15 - 3.00 mm 60 - 90 kg/m³ Cement-based tile mortars


All grades are normally supplied in plastic sacks containing 100 litres. Alternative packaging is available to order.

Health & Safety

All grades of expanded perlite are heat-process inorganic material and since no chemical changes occur it is considered non-reportable. Hoever it is advisable to study the perlite Health and Safety Data Sheet L928A compiled in accordance with COSSH/Chip regulations.