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Textured Paints and Coatings

Textured paints and coatings containing perlite have the advantage of being very lightweight coatings with a consistent appearance and also have excellent insulation properties. Perlite can be added to both oil and water-based coatings, adhesives and filling and texturing agents.


Standard concretes and screed have densities between 2000 and 2200 kg/m3. The density of perlite concretes and screed is from 600 to 1050 kg/m3 which improves the thermal efficiency and also reduces the weight of the final structure. It should be noted, however, that lightweight concretes and screeds are susceptible to wear and should therefore be protected with an adequate toppping to prevent indentation and dusting.


On the wall:


Perlite is available in seven different particle sizes and up to four different densities for the most widely used grade

NameGradeSize Finished Texture
Ultrafine 050.01 - 1.0mm Very fine or none
Superfine 100.15 - 2.0mm Normal
Medium 150.15 - 3.0mm Normal
Special 25 1.00 - 3.0mm Normal
Through Grade321 0.15 - 6mm Normal
Standard 35 1.00 - 5.0mm Very bold
Supercoarse45 1.00 - 6.0mm Very bold
Note: the above ranges are only indicative and subject to a tolerance of up to 10% above and below the range specified

Mixing Machinery

Petlite is an expanded mineral aggregate and the coarser grades will not permit high rates of shear to be used in the mixing process. A slow speed mixer with broad paddles is reqcommended as follows:

Motor1 hp per 100 litre batch i.e. 10 hp ofr 1000 litres batch size.
GearingVariable speed reducing the final drive to 50 - 200 rpm.
Paddles Broad paddles at two levels to sweep 15 to 20% of batch volume.
Mixing Vats Allow 40% for bulking whilst Silvalite is added to the mix. Covers are an advantage.
Note: Formulations requiring a high level of shear prior to the addition of Perlite should first be mixed with appropriate high-speed equipment.

Mix Applications

Oil-based textured coatings suitable for spray application.

Use 0.9 - 1.0 litres of loose Perlite per litre of finished coating (approx. 8% by weight) as follows

Bold TextureUse Perlite Standard 35 and Medium Grade 15 in the ratio of 2.5 or 2:1
Medium textureUse Perlite Special Grade 25 and Superfine 10 in the ratio 2:1
Fine Texture Use Perlite Superfine Grade 10 or Ultrafine Grade 5.

Oil-based textured coatings suitable for roller (or spray) application.

Use 0.6 - 0.7 litres of loose Perlite Superfine Grade 10 per litre of finished coating (approx. 5% by weight.

Use 0.5 - 0.65 litres of loose Perlite per litre of finished coating (approx. 4 to 5.5% by weight) in the proportions indicated above


Generally heavy-duty spray equipment such as the Graco 9:1 ratio "President" pump is recommended but large volume pressure vessel and "hopper" gun equipment can work satisfactorily.

In all cases the following tip sizes are recommended:


Perlite is supplied in heat sealed plastic sacks holding on average 100 litres (3.5 ft3) and weighing 8 - 14 kg according to the grade. A full load comprises 750 bags on a 40ft. curtain-sided trailer whilst the smallest economic delivery is a pallet of 25 bags. Quotations can be provided on an ex-works or delivered basis