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What is Silvapor

Silvapor is a hydrophobic insulating aggregate made from coated expanded perlite. This water-repellent, non-flammable, loose-pour insulant significantly improves the thermal performance of masonry walls and floors and is particularly suitable for use in external cavity walls. It is produced and tested to BS EN 14216-1:2004 Thermal Insulating Products for Building - In-situ Thermal Insulation formed from Expanded Perlite (EP) Products Part 1 : Specification for Bonded and Loose-fill products before installation.


Silvapor minimises heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. It also protects agains water transmission and wind-driven moisture penetration and so assures constant insulating efficiency.

Physical Properties

The free-flowing nature of the product seeks out and completely fills the smallest crevices within the cavity without bridging.
Refractory Index1.5
Free Moisture (max)0.5%
Softening Point890 - 1100°C
Fusion Point1280°C
Fire ResistanceNon-combustible
Specific Heat837 j/kgk (0.2 Ca)
Thremal Conductivity0.045 w/m°C
Bulk Density70 - 80 kg/m3

Physical Properties

Softening Point890 - 1100°C
Fusion Point1280 - 1350°C

The above product information is given in good faith as accurate and reliable but is not to be taken as a guarantee. The figures provided are intended to be a guide to expected average values and should not be interpreted as a specification. Any potential applications referred to are not to be construed as recommendations. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability for any specific purpose.