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Non Ferrous Foundry Plaster

Hoben International are the worlds leading manufacturer of Foundry Plaster which is a gypsum bonded investment formulated for casting Non Ferrous Metals. Foundry Plaster is used in the Rubber Plaster Mould (RPM) process which utilises a reclaimable pattern of silicone rubber.

Hoben Foundry Plaster has been used for many years by leading foundries specialising in the high volume production of turbocharger compressor wheels. Foundry Plaster is also used for the manufacture of lower volume castings and in the rapid prototyping sector.

When and why to use Hoben Foundry Plaster:

  • To produce precision and premium quality aluminium and zinc castings
  • For aesthetic applications where appearance is critical
  • Prototyping - to assist engineering in debugging design before committing to hard tooling
  • For low volume applications where quantities do not justify die cast tooling
  • For high volume applications of complex or unusual shapes
  • For castings with thin walls or where weight is critical
  • To simulate die castings for prototype and pilot production
  • Tooling is low cost and allows ease of modification
  • To reduce "time to market" on new products and evaluate market potential
  • To reduce time for machining and secondary operations

For full product details please refer to the product data sheet.

Aluminium Casting

Aluminium Casting

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Compressor Wheel

Aluminium Compressor Wheel

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Download PDF file Non-Ferrous Foundry Plaster Data Sheet
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Download PDF file Non-Ferrous Foundry Plaster Material Safety Data Sheet
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